Cayucos Garden Club 2016-2018

The 50th and 51st year of service to our community

Newsy News

Our December Luncheon at Jimmy Bumps in Los Osos was well attended. Food was outstanding. Thank you, Elisa and Bonnie for choosing such a wonderful restaurant to have our Christmas luncheon.

Christmas Basket chairperson – Vivian Mills and her little elves – Terri Gagne, Joan Beightler and Margaret Bretz – shopped at Kohls – an outfit was given to each child on the list and a complete meal – Ham – potatoes – etc. were given to each family that was in need. Cayucos Elementary distributed all to the families before Christmas break

Laura Skiff is going to maintain the small barrels around town that we planted along with several school kids from the Cayucos School.

It was moved that we have a Reverse Drawing for our fund raiser in October. More information on this event will follow.

Longtime member – Cathrin Eckle told our membership that she and her husband, Tom will be moving to Vista, California at the end of January. Cathrin has been a member for well over ten years – has been our President – Table Setting chair – Beautification chair for several years and volunteered for many many projects over the past ten years. Tom – also maintains our Website and will continue to do so. Cathrin and Tom – YOU will truly be missed by all of us.


January 17th meeting will be a hands-on-project, Maggie Johnson will show us how to make fabric wreaths. Whale Rock Terrace – 1:00 P.M.

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