Cayucos Garden Club 2016-2018

The 50th and 51st year of service to our community

Newsy News

The March 15th meeting for Cayucos Garden Club was held at Stepladder Creamery in Cambria. Members became acquainted with many Billy – Mama and Baby Goats. All enjoyed the outing. Thank you so much Elisa and Bonnie for arranging this great outing.

There was no business meeting held.

Wishing our President – Jann Rooker and very happy Birthday on March 5th.

Our next meeting will be held at the Dallidet Adobe and Gardens – San Luis Obispo – Tour – 1:00 P.M. - $10.00 fee.

Remember Scholarship Plant Sale to be held on Friday and Saturday – September 1st & 2nd. All kinds of garden decorations, new or slightly used are welcome. Laura Skiff thank you so much for delivering to Bonnie Little your many beautiful succulents for the sale.

Wishing you all a very Happy Easter – April 16th.

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